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I did a first order on the beginning of Oct 17 as a gift from my husband. He has been telling me, I needed clothes for a while but I've been avoiding because the kids always come first.

So finally, I agreed and found this site. I should of done more research about it, because now I regret every cent I spend. The entire experience of shopping a total of 16 products I can't complain, but the shipping, after purchasing my order that's where everything started to go wrong. First issue was that I didn't receive any information (meaning tracking number) within 24 hrs.

so I waited, until I get an e-mail stating that there is a ticket (is support center way of solving any matters)I need to view. OK, so I check and they are asking proof of identity because of so many scams in the passed from "customers", at first I thought that was very odd, but still I comply, followed instructions and completed the issue as soon as possible because if I didn't, they would hold on to my order or cancel the process. That was made on Oct 19.(two days after the placement order). Second issue, I didn't receive any information about my order, as far as, tracking number or if is been shipped out.

So I created a ticket on Oct 22 (three days after the last responds) as to find out the status of my order. I get a response on Oct 23 with a tracking number, SKU (there serial numbers per item), explaining there process of delivering time / days and of course, apologizing. I personally didn't thought much, until I decided to verify the tracking number by going to the major well-known carrier companies sites. I checked USPS, UPS, and FedEx, but non of them recognized the numbers at all, so I added that encounter issue to the same ticket, with a respond the next day Oct 24, with a link that it was pointless and explaining "sometimes delivery companies can't handle too many packages".

No actual carrier information nor any other detail about my order. So then I took it upon myself to answer my own questions by doing research. I found out, this company has over three different sites, with different names and with the same picture of products on sale. Some of the same products, have different prices!....wow RED MAJOR FLAG!

I then started reading there shipping terms in all three sites, I came across some information of different carriers this site "Rose Gal" have. This is what I found "RoseGal partners with major international shipping companies like DHL, UPS, FedEx, IB, and EMS to offer three shipping methods", it shows the days of shipping information and so on. So, then I realized, this is international, oh boy....I checked these carriers sites, typed the tracking number and BooM! I found it!

in DHL and it states SINGAPORE. I said to myself, oh man, I am not going to receive my order until next month probably. Oh well, at least I order all 16 items XL, bigger than my original size. Surprisingly, I got my order on Oct 29, I was very excited until I opened the bag.

I found out right there, that all 16 items are not inside this package. I review the past tickets under my account online and notice that they wrote the SKU of only 6 items....ok, where is the rest of my order? where is my 10 items? I didn't get an e-mail nor a ticket explaining the status of the rest of my order.

Now I'm a little disappointed, but I said no big deal, I can enjoy the 6 items I got, boy I was wrong. 1 out 6 fit and that only one, the material was so cheap, see-though and with silky sleeves...I got so upset. I live in a state, where by now is already snowing. I needed winter clothing for Autumn and winter seasons.

I back tracked, review the products site, I know I measured myself before purchasing, I did everything right. Now I have to create a ticket and start the process of returning all 6 items, ask where is the rest 10 items, cancel them (if they haven't shipped them, which I find out later they didn't) and get my entire over 200 USD refund back.

I created the ticket on Oct 29 wondering where is the rest of my order, writing in detail the problem, while been respectful and so on. I get a responds on Oct 30, apologizing, describing the item SKU numbers and that it will be available on Nov. 17!, asking me to wait or exchange the items I have on hand.

WHAT! Oh NO! I waited too long. If I decided to wait, there is no guaranteed I might even fit on those missing items.

Then I looked closely on the SKU numbers they wrote...there is only 9! I am missing 10, not 9. They also send me instructions in step-by-step on starting the process of returning. I started to read more details on there site about returns because I believe they have no idea on what they are doing.

I find out that you need an RMA form, I asked about it in the same ticket on the same day, no response. I asked what happen with the one item missing with the SKU number, plus informing the rest 9 item SKU numbers, also requesting to cancel the order and to please send my refund, no response. Here is the steps they wrote to me to get the process started: "1. Please describe the problem the item in detail; 2.

Please give us the item size label and item SKU indicated on its packing bag; 3. Please send us clear picture to show the actual measument of the item you got; PS: Ideally, the photo should be clear and focused, under good lighting conditions, and taken at close and medium distance; Please keep attachment (where in the ticket you can only upload 3 files at a time and I could only upload 2 files at a time)below 2MB and use any of these formats gif, jpg, png, bmp, doc, xls, txt, rar, ppt, pdf." So as you can see, I actually, did all that the same day! through the ticket because I didn't get an RMA form to fill out at all and I stated that I am assuming by not having a response to basically do it all on the ticket, which again did it, NO RESPONSE! So today on NOVEMBER 2, I created a new ticket as a complain, asking them to please answer the previous ticket and to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Because this is what they are not telling you.

You got 30 days from the day you order to return the items under YOUR EXPENSE. You are responsible for there mishaps. The fact that I have to go now to legal matters and maybe pay more than the purchased amount to get my refund is absurd. Please, do your research before purchasing any site!!!

Don't fall for pretty images!!! You may not get the quality you see in the pictures or your entire order...Be AWARE!!!

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of nastydress clothing from Nastydress and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $261 and wants Nastydress to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was shipping handling return refund support. If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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