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Update by user Mar 07, 2016

On Friday, I decided to search for a dress similar in style, as I really love this. I came upon an Etsy posting with the same images I found on

In the posting, the poster mentioned that she recently found that her images of her product had been stolen and used on some "really cheap Chinese clothing sites" and how frustrating it has been for her.

It turns out she was the creator of this ORIGINAL dress and is using her pics and selling cheap knock-offs of her design...she mentioned that she intentionally uses "rolled seams" on the sleeves of her dresses, and that was probably attempting to duplicate that style. I can see how frustrating it must be having your designs AND IMAGES stolen and used for poorly made clothing that doesn't fit as advertised.

Update by user Mar 04, 2016

I was so enraged upon noticing the sizing issue that I failed to realize that it was not just ONE sleeve that was sewn on inside out, but BOTH SLEEVES. I contacted the company informing them of both the sizing issue AND the sewing issue, and when I received a response, they didn't even acknowledge the defective sewing issue, and tried to tell me that I ordered the wrong size.

I responded angrily, and they then said they would refund my money AFTER I paid for shipping to send the item back to them. I refuse to put any more money toward this item or company, so at this point I'm calling it a total loss and my only course of action from here will be to do my best to spread the word about this corrupt company and the stunts they're pulling.

I've already saved one consumer the headache after I posted my review on facebook. She thanked me for saving her money for her.

Original review posted by user Feb 24, 2016

I purchased a really cute dress from A form-fitting black dress with a hood and thumb holes so you can wear the sleeves down over your hands.

I had heard that their sizing runs small, so I made sure to get the next size up and hoped for the best. The dress actually arrived in a timely manner, but when I got home to try it on, that's when it all went to shxt. The dress was TINY (and keep in mind, I ordered the XL) It didn't even cover my buttcheeks in entirety, and I'm not the kind of girl who runs around in mini skirts showing off her "assets". The sleeves were long enough, but as for the thumb holes, I could get my thumbs through them, but couldn't USE my arms at that point out of fear of ripping the sleeves because they were pulled so tight.

The size issue was bad enough, but HERE'S THE KICKER...The left sleeve was sewn onto the dress INSIDE OUT! I shxt you not! I tried the dress back on in hopes that I could maybe make it work with some leggings, and I had a difficult time finding out which way was correct...that's when I noticed my difficulties were spawned from the faulty sewing job. The one sleeve had the sewing seam puffed out for the world to see, while inside of the sleeve, it was smooth and normal.

It's one thing to have sizing differences (which is still ridiculous and janky), but to sew the garment half inside out? What kind of scam are these xssholes running? I will NEVER again shop at I'm much happier buying second hand clothing at thrift stores KNOWING exactly what I'm getting before I buy it.

I am going to take pictures of this JOKE of a dress to upload when I get home from work today. *** NASTYDRESS.COM

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with clothing selection and prices and stated that there is a room for improvement of poor fabric quality and sizing. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "bad quality and defective item" of nastydress clothing and associated monetary loss in the amount of $11. Nastydress needs to "i request that you make this dress correctly and large enough to fit a woman who is 5'7" (which means bigger than your xl sizing), or i want a complete refund. i will not be paying to ship the dress back, as i already feel my time and money was wasted" according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned nastydress clothing in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Nastydress.

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